the pigeon

2.29 GB — 0.07 KG

newspaper editorial and digitorial. With the goal to redesign a literary classic of our choice in a printed tabloid format, I chose a personal favourite – The Pigeon ("Die Taube") by Patrick Süskind. The novella tells a twenty-four-hour-day of a middle-aged man living a well-organized and structured life. In the morning the protagonist is surprised by the appearance of a pigeon, which brings his life completely out of balance.

The novella is read very easily. I emphasised paragraphs in which he acts differently or in which his mind goes into chaos mode, so to give the reader more of a behind the scenes feeling, also adding a text layer to see and feel time passing.

This project was awared with the Junge Grafik price 2021.

ZHdK 2020 — mentored by Lea Michel, Jonas Voegeli, Daniel Stutz and Samuel Weidmann